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Why to choose us

ToscanaFood.eu is an online store selling food products of the Tuscan tradition: wine, oil, cheese, honey, cured meats, and more. At ToscanaFood, however, we are proud to be a lot more.
It's said: "We are what we eat", and we believe it:
We are genuine, because we choose only products which have not undergone a process of sophistication, and which we ourselves put on the table every day for the people we love.
We are sincere and self-assured, so no "bells and whistles": we made the courageous decision to place unretouched photos on our website, because we sell "substance", and the only "form" we want you to notice is our service and our kindness.
We are honest, we prefer the sharing philosophy over the profits: at ToscanaFood we do our best for you to get always the best value for money.
We wish you a tasty browsing experience, see you at checkout.