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ENG Tarese del Valdarno 500 g.

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Product Code: Tarese500
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight:
500 g.

15,00 €

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This is a piece of pork consisting of the stomach ( or belly ) and pork loin, which is traditionally known as Tarese in the Valdarno area. It is an unusual shape ( 50 by 80 cm ) determined by the fact that it comes traditionally from heavy sows of at least two hundred kilos. In order to produce the Tarese the whole rump of the animal is used from the back of the stomach, including the precious loin. The cut is boneless and rubbed with pepper, garlic juniper and other spices and finally put under salt. After about ten days, it is washed, dried and once again Tuscan spices and garlic are rubbed over its surface and then  it is left  to mature for a period of bettween 60 and 90 days.